PGConf Bali 2019 is meant to gather enterprises, users, professionals, hackers, evangelists, everyone who energized by PostgreSQL. To support this events, we would like to open opportunities for every entities who use PostgreSQL, implementors, or even developers to be part of this wonderful event. Below is various our sponsorship levels and benefits you can get for each levels.

General Information

  • Dates: 08 - 11 September 2019
  • Place: Bali, Indonesia
  • Languages: English
  • Expected number of participants: 500
  • Organizer: Indonesian PostgreSQL Users Group

General Benefits

  1. All Sponsors will be mentioned in PGConf.Asia website in Sponsor Sections
  2. Platinum and Gold has one special page for Their Contents (product, services, anything)

Available Slots 2 3 Unlimited
Sponsor Presentation Given 10 minutes for sponsor presentation Given 6 minutes for sponsor presentation -
Logo on T-Shirt Top Medium Logo Back Medium Small Left/Right Back Small Back Bottom in a Row
Logo on Backdrop L M S
Logo on Official Website L M S
Logo on Projectors Displayed before class started Displayed before class started Displayed before class started
AdLips Mentioned on Opening, Keynote Speech, Closing Session, and Dinner Day 1 Mentioned on Opening, Closing Session, and Dinner Day 2 Mentioned on Opening Session
Brochure/Catalog in Tote Bag Able to put 2 sheets Can put 1 kind -
X-Banner Yes - 2 Yes - 1 -
Free Tickets 5 free tickets 3 free tickets 1 free ticket
Sponsorship Fee 20,000 USD 12,000 USD 5,000 USD

Sponsorship Registration

To grab the opportunities, you can contact us at:


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